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MEINAIER Blackhead Remover Mask Peel Of Mask Dead Sea Mud

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  • Remove oils and all dirt
  • Deeply clean the ore
  • Helps remove impurities
  • Heals and regenerates skin tissue
  • Improving scars and diminishing wrinkles


 MEINAIER Blackhead Remover Mask Peel Of Mask Dead Sea Mud 

Dead sea mud

Full effect of moisturizing anti wrinkle

Effects: Tear-type black mask, great propagation, easy to apply, absorbs black skin surface, cleanses excess oil, dirt and aging skin and makes skin refreshed and fine.

Usage: After cleaning, need to evenly clean the face or site, avoiding the face, eyebrows and lip weeks, until the mask is dry for about 15-20 minutes, gently recommend using 1-2 times a week to gently remove the bottom.

[NOTICE]: If it is available, please wash it with full water, discomfort when using it, please stop using it.

[Storage]: Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight or high temperatures.

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